Truck Accident Settles For 350,000

After a client was injured from a dump truck accident, our personal injury firm in Springfield, Missouri, was able to settle with the defendant for $350,000 before going to court. The client hit the dump truck because it was on the wrong side of the road, which resulted in serious injuries. The client’s leg was broken and he incurred neck and shoulder injuries. About 12% of accidents in Missouri involve a large truck, which can result in very serious injuries because of the relative size of the vehicle as compared to the cars with which they collide.

Both federal law and Missouri statutes have strict regulations that govern how large trucks must operate. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow the rules of operation, which often leads to serious accidents. Fortunately, our personal injury attorneys at Henry, Williams & Kinder, P.C., know the complex rules and regulations that truck drivers follow and carefully investigate their claims. Contact a lawyer from our firm today if you are a victim of an accident involving a large truck so we can make sure to protect your rights.

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