What Is A Contingency Fee

When clients first bring their personal injury case to an experienced trial lawyer at our law firm, they wonder what types of attorney fees we will charge and how it will ultimately affect the outcome of their case. The truth of the matter is that we, Henry, Williams & Kinder, P.C., have a very simple attorney fee policy called a contingency fee.

A contingency fee means that we will never charge you for attorney fees unless we recover a positive amount of financial compensation in your case. We understand the great emotional, physical and financial stress that you are under at a time such as this, and we would never ask you to cover attorney fees if your case does not find a positive outcome.

Our law firm strongly believes that we will always find the best possible solution for each of our clients' cases, and as a result we enforce this contingency fee policy on every case we handle. We will tell you up front that we will take nothing from you for our time and we will bear the financial expenses of your case should we be unsuccessful. Furthermore, when we win a case for our client, we charge very reasonable attorney fees that may match or beat the percentage that is being charged by our competitors. Our main priority is not the financial expenses or the financial gain - we are driven by finding success for our clients so they can afford the medical treatment and future care that they truly deserve.


The contingency fee policy that our law office carries holds many benefits for each client. First and foremost, we will not ask you to pay us up front for our services. We will also never look to you for reimbursement should we be unsuccessful. This will keep you from sinking even deeper financially due to the injuries you have sustained.

Our law firm has been in the business of helping personal injury victims with 75+ years of combined experience, and we will not represent insurance companies. We are truly dedicated to finding the best possible solution for each case and providing the intimate legal representation you deserve from your injury attorney. Before talking to anyone about your case, please come to our office to learn more about our contingency fee policy and how it will benefit your overall well-being in the long run. We can provide you with a comprehensive free case evaluation so that you may learn more about the injury or accident you have been involved in.

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