Spring Broken Injured College Students Released After Deck Collapsed

What began as a typical college house party celebrating Spring Break quickly turned dangerous when the back deck of the house collapsed and left a number of students injured in Gulf Shores, Alabama. While police were unable to gather a total number of victims, officials claim that seven women required immediate medical attention. Two of those women were transported to the Baldwin Regional Medical Center by private transport and five were taken by ambulance. Officials announced on Wednesday that all victims had been released from the hospital by late Monday.

The location of the incident is a two-story home that was housed by students from nearby schools such as Texas Christian University, among others. Officials claim to have seen at least 150 young adults walking down the street away from the house as emergency personnel arrived around 5:00 PM on Monday the 11th, shortly after the collapse took place. According to pictures circulating social media from the incident, the deck seems to have crumbled under the weight of about 30 college students. The incident left the victims piled on top of one another and unfortunate individuals underneath the deck at the time were left the most injured. One of those victims included a young woman who suffered head trauma as the deck began to collapse above her. Thankfully, she did not sustain any serious damaged and was released later that day from the hospital along with the other injured victims.

According to police reports, there were various mildly injured students among the crowd exiting the house who eventually made their way to the same hospital to be treated for their injuries. No arrests were made as a result of the incident except for one male who was arrested later on for public, underage drunkenness. The owner of the house, who claims that the danger of having so many people on the deck at one time was obvious, has not made comment. Because the incident took place so recently, there is no word whether any of the victims will pursue legal action on the grounds of premises liability against the land owner.

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