Two Girls Injured In Pedestrian Accident In Springfield, MO

In Springfield this past Sunday afternoon, two young girls were hit by a car while walking home from a park. The accident occurred at 4:20 p.m. and took place at Grant Ave. and High Street. According to the Springfield police, the two girls crossed the street and were struck by a vehicle making a left turn onto Grant. The street was regulated by traffic signals, but the girls, aged eight and twelve, ran across the street without the supervision of an adult. The twelve-year-old girl was hit by the vehicle but was not taken to the hospital because her injuries were not serious.

The eight-year-old girl, however, was taken to the hospital for facial and leg injuries. When the car struck her, it caused her head to slam into the ground. When the people in the car came out and picked her up, her face was covered in blood. Paramedics tended to her at the scene and then brought her to the hospital. It is thought that the setting sun made it difficult for the driver to see the girls crossing the street, and as of yet, there are no citations issued in regards to the accident.

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